Operational Excellence

Service leader among our customers

The satisfaction of our customers lies in any activity we perform and we are pleased to see that SLE is clearly favored by our customers according to anonymous surveys conducted by SLE and external organizations.

Winning the LogiPharma World Conference in 2017


LogiPharma is the largest global event for leading pharmaceutical companies and leading supply chain companies. More than 600 pharmaceutical professionals, including representatives of the world's 15 largest pharmaceutical companies, participate in the event.

We are proud to have won first place in two categories
  • Best distribution network strategy: direct distribution to the patient, from hospital care to home care, coping with challenges and improving patient care.


  • Best cooperation with supplier: Collaboration with Bayer IL on delivery of customized radioactive drugs from the manufacturer to the patient in less than five days.


Finalists in the category:


  • The most innovative strategy in the supply chain industry - SLE Academy, a world of excellence and expertise.