Security - It is a great responsibility to protect our customers' products


The logistic center excels at the highest level of security and the pharmaceutical companies may be assured that the products stored in SLE are kept under the strictest conditions. 


The security system combines advanced technological systems and a regulated security plan:


  • More than 200 CCTV cameras are located both out- and inside the building, monitored 24/7 from a secure room on site.
  • The site's security officer supervises the security plan and performs periodic drills and inspections.
  • Job security (background check) for permanent employees and suppliers.


Three Security Levels
The facility's security is based on three levels:




  • Chain-link fence with touch sensor.
  • 24/7 security car tours.

The entrances to the building


  • Armed guard at each entry point.
  • Technological systems for identifying employees and suppliers and the use of vehicles using a license-plate identification system (LPR).

Internal (building interior)


  • Controlled internal access to operational areas.
  • Routine tours with emphasis on sensitive areas.
  • An intrusion detection system connected to the site's operations center and an external security center.

We do not stop - managing business continuity

In SLE, we do our utmost to ensure that all systems continue to function and provide the best service, in both routine and emergency situations, the construction planning and ongoing activities carefully are carried out with the lead professionals in the field.

The international risk-management company, Paragon, consorted on the construction of the logistic center and gave SLE a Superior Rank.

SLE's routine business continuity, also through emergencies, is important for the health market in Israel. Therefore, all resources have been allocated ensuring that all materials are protected and company inventory management is carried out without affecting product availability, whilst maintaining minimum malfunctions.
Our business survival is reflected in many actions:
  • In the logistic center, two separate storage areas mirror each other in terms of product content. Each commodity is divided, upon arrival, between the two warehouses, which are about 150 meters apart and separated by the office building and a firewall. Each storage area has five shelves' crossings.
  • Most of the goods, according to the levels of inventory found on site, are equally distributed so that in case one of the cranes malfunctions, it will be possible to compile the order from the same batch, all managed by an intelligent algorithm.
  • Fire safety: a double fire extinguishing system in both storage areas, fireproof walls and electronic systems in the passage between the two warehouses.
  • Dual power supply from the power company and a backup generator that supports independent power 24/7.
  • Double water feed.
  • Additional cooling units are automatically activated in case of malfunction.
  • Data Center storing the company servers in a secured basement, two stories underground, with independent backup systems.
  • Compliance with Israeli regulatory requirements for earthquakes.
  • Disaster recovery plan in case of fire, chemical leakage, flood, earthquake, computer system malfunctions, etc.