The Logistic Center

SLE's logistic center in Shoham is one of the largest and most advanced logistic centers in the world for storing and transporting medicines and medical equipment.

Anyone travelling on Israel's Highway 6 cannot help but notice the impressive building, which has been constructed according to the principles of "green building", and meets the strictest standards in the pharmaceutical arena. The center, founded in 2011, supports all stages of the supply chain from receiving goods, testing and storing, to collecting, packaging, loading and shipping products to any destination. Everything is carried out by using intelligent systems for assembling and packaging, controlling temperature and humidity, high security and a system ensuring continuous functionality in any situation and under any circumstances, maintaining the highest quality.


We can continue elaborating, but let's talk numbers:

  • An area of about 80,000 square meters and a building of 50,000 square meters.
  • Over 400 meters in length and a height of 42 meters.
  • Approximately 130 trucks and vehicles operate daily through 84 loading and unloading docks.
  • The storage and assembly are carried out using 11 cranes and conveyors with a total length of 2.1 km.
  • The logistic center stores approximately 75,000 pallets in a number storage configurations. and at varied temperature controls, including:
    o 2,500 pallets under cooling conditions of 2°-8°C.
    o 500 pallets in a controlled safe box for drugs and narcotics.
  • Approximately 1,000,000 orders are handled annually from about 20,000 catalog numbers.
  • Over 100 million items are supplied annually to the Israeli market.
  • Capability to prepare and deliver more than 1000 packages per hour.
  • One out of four prescriptions is supplied by SLE in Israel.