National Distribution Network


Professional, high quality distribution of medical products and equipment requires skill, experience and suitable equipment.


We offer a comprehensive distribution solution from the moment the merchandise leaves our logistic center up to reaching any destination you may choose, with the support of a computerized system and high standards of packaging and shipping.


  • SLE operates a fleet of ~ 40 owned vehicles that are carefully monitored by a dedicated computer system, fully synchronized with the SLE's information systems .
  • Direct distribution to nationwide sale points, 6 days a week, including home distribution to chronically ill patients.
  • Loading goods for shipping via terminals.
  • Activating tested and authorized contractors to provide services on behalf of SLE according to the changing needs.
  • Optimized distribution system including advanced proof of delivery capabilities (POD).
National Distribution Network

Handling sensitive products and products that require transport under refrigerated and cryogenic conditions.
SLE has extensive experience in handling and transporting products with unique transportation requirements, while maintaining high standards of packaging and temperature control.

SLE uses vehicles adapted to meet suitable distribution conditions:


  • Valid advanced cooling systems that meet GDP requirements.
  • Valid progressive packaging.
  • On-line temperature recording and monitoring using GPS-connected controlled software.
  • Direct transmission of irregular temperature alerts to the logistic center and the SMS system at any point in time - full control of the vehicle's location, storage compartment temperature and vehicle refrigerators.
  • Monitored process for handling deviations.