SLE Academy

Founded in 2014, with a real commitment to the Israeli healthcare market, SLE aims to provide high quality learning solutions to health and pharmaceutical professionals in a world of constantly changing regulatory requirements.
SLE academy provides effective, practical and accessible training programs for quality assurance managers, pharmacists, logistics and supply chain managers, risk managers and other professionals from various health organizations in Israel – hospitals, health funds, medical centers, universities, etc', exposing the trainees to real life scenarios during their training.


Services and Capabilities of SLE Academy


  • Training the next generation of pharmacists in Israel in collaboration with Ben-Gurion University and the Hebrew University
  • Suitable facilities and the ability to hold courses, seminars, conferences
  • SLE has already developed over 20 courses, workshops, seminars, and special conferences
  • In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and leading pharmaceutical companies in Israel
  • Collaboration with pharmacist organizations
  • Over 1,500 people have already participated in our courses and training
  • Compliance with Israeli standards – the Standards Institute and the Israeli Association for Quality


SLE Academy Wins Recognition at LogiPharma 2017 Conference


We are proud of SLE Academy in reaching the final stage in a highly innovative strategy in the supply chain at LogiPharma 2017 - the largest global event for leading pharma companies and supply chain companies, with more than 600 pharmaceutical professionals, including representatives from the 15 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.