BI System for Managing Inventory and Sales

BI System – QlikView, a support system for managing inventory and sales

In SLE, we are aware of the fact that one of the biggest challenges for our customers is the efficient and proper management of inventory and sales. Supporting this activity helps our customers achieve better business results, maintain operational efficiencies, control sales data, and optimize inventory management.


Moreover, we are committed to protect your information security under a global information security policy, ensuring that your information is highly protected.

The QlikView system is a business intelligence system that provides information services at the managerial level, quickly displaying data from different systems using tables and graphics that are easy to process and view.


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  • Full transparency of all information, including sales data, price lists, orders and inventory.
  • System architecture that allows flexible compilation of structured reports and data analysis through various cross-sections.
  • Simple user interface operation.
  • Ability to schedule reports by "push" according to customer needs.
  • Exporting data to Excel and copying charts to presentations.
  • Effective and controlled inventory management, ,enabling product shelf life management.
  • Controlled and monitored access management.