Full Cold Chain

Full Cold Chain from unloading to loading

SLE customers enjoy a comprehensive cold chain solution in a nonstop environment, covering the entire reception, storage, transportation and control processes from the stage of receiving the refrigerated product at SLE to its final delivery to the end customer. The activity is performed through advanced storage and distribution equipment and a stringent system of procedures supported by dedicated computerized systems.

We provide the following services:



  • Receiving refrigerated deliveries directly to the operating zone at temperature conditions of 2-8°C.
  • Documented inspection of the method and means of arrival of the shipment.




  • GMP / GDP standard valid cooling facilities.
  • Backup generator.
  • Change-control processes, compliant with GMP / GDP requirements.
  • Periodic preventive maintenance by technical staff.
  • Annual calibration by an credited calibration laboratory.
  • Controlled storage areas at 15-25°C, 2-8C, (-15- 20°C),(<-20°C).
  • Monitoring and control systems, including SMS alerts.
Full COLD CHAIN from unloading to loading
Means of transport
  • Valid vehicles with full temperature control: 15-25°C, 2-8°C, (-15-20°C), (<-20°C).
  • Valid packaging for distribution at the required temperature ranges.

Control of transport conditions
  • On-line temperature recording and monitoring using controlled software connected to the GPS system.
  • Direct transmission of irregular temperature alerts to the logistic center and the SMS system
  • Local temperature monitoring in the driver's compartment.